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Welcome to Unleash Club, where we dive into the wild world of crypto with the power of memes and AI wizardry! 🚀🔥 We're the open-source crypto squad that brings you the dankest AI tools, mind-bending models, and mind-blowing datasets to take your crypto adventures to the next level. We're all about teamwork, sharing the LOLs, and pushing the boundaries of innovation in this meme-tastic domain. Get ready to unlock some crypto magic, make your friends go WOW, and ride the crypto rollercoaster like a boss! Let's unleash the meme-powered crypto madness! 😎💥🚀

What is $UNLEASH?

$UNLEASH - The one and only coin ruling the Unleash Club community! 🌟🚀 Get ready to unleash its true potential, fellow members! We're cooking up some mind-blowing use cases that will blow your socks off! 🧦✨ So hold tight, stay tuned, and let's make $UNLEASH the ultimate power move within our club! Together, we'll create a crypto revolution like no other!


100% minted, 100% added to liquidity, zero fees! With a total supply of 10 billion, we're unleashing a world of possibilities. No transaction fees, just pure liquidity and unlimited potential.


Official contract address is 0x0e9cc0f7e550bd43bd2af2214563c47699f96479

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Official dexTools link is https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0xf64e49c1d1d2b1cfa570b1da6481dc8dc95cd093

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Official telegram link is https://t.me/Unleash_Club_Official

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Official Twitter link is https://x.com/_unleash_club

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Introducing Gifii, the GIF guru of the AI world! 🎉💥 We took the mighty Make-A-Video model and leveled it up to create mind-blowing text-to-GIF magic. Brace yourselves for stunning visuals and captivating animations! Gifii combines cutting-edge deep learning and natural language processing to bring your texts to life with flair and pizzazz. Whether you're an individual, marketer, content creator, or educator, Gifii's got your back, delivering dynamic, expressive, and customizable GIF animations that take your communication, storytelling, and engagement to the next level! Prepare for GIF mastery like never before! ✨📽️

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When we unleashed our genius on that pretrained latent-diffusion inpainting model, things got wild! We pulled off a mind-blowing move by slappin' on pseudo 3D convolution. That's right, we're talkin' spatial and temporal magic! Our model be like, 'I see you in 2D and 1D, fam!' Total spatial-temporal domination! 🌀

cute baby laughing hysterically
Prompt used

Cute baby laughing hysterically

teddy bear playing guitar
Prompt used

Teddy bear playing guitar

cute white bear and brown bear walking, cartoon style
Prompt used

Cute white bear and brown bear walking, cartoon style

an orca whale is jumping out of the sea
Prompt used

An orca whale is jumping out of the sea, Rick and Morty, cartoon

We dropped some sick self-attention moves into the mix, givin' our model the power to flex on temporal dependencies in generated images. Pseudo 3D convolution plus temporal attention? 🔥 That's how we level up, generating top-notch, cohesive pics while keepin' those video sequences on fleek. The future's lookin' bright for our gifi gen project. Let the refinement and enhancement games begin!